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Unwanted Bush, Shrubbery and Small Tree Removal

Cleaning up underbrush
Cutting trees and brush

Put cut up trees and brush on burn pile

* Click on images to enlarge, having done that if you're using a cell phone you can use two fingers to make the pictures even larger.

There is a small stream running through this property that had been overtaken with thick under brush to the point where you couldn't see the stream anymore. I cleared out the underbrush and small trees to 20' across the creek. It really made this area look nice and it allowed more sun to get through and help dry the ground so grass could grow.

Fallen Tree Cleanup

Felled trees
Picking up limbs

Picking up tree trunk pieces

I cut the two trees down that are pictured above lying on the ground. I don't mind cutting trees down if there's no danger of them hitting something when falling, but if that danger does exist, the tree should be cut and roped down (if necessary) by someone with a bucket truck or aerial lift.

This owner had a burn pile so I cut the trees up and carried them there.

I can remove trees that has fallen on your property due to old age or a storm.


Landscaping Service in Wetumpka Alabama

Wetumpka Alabama

Pritchett Contracting Services...

- Bush and Shrubbery Removal
- Small Tree Removal
- Fallen Tree Removal

Remove fallen trees and unwanted bushes and shrubbery in Wetumpka Alabama.