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David Pritchett of Pritchett Contracting

I’m David Pritchett...of Pritchett Contracting Services (since 1995) located in Wetumpka Alabama. I provide landscaping services in Wetumpka Alabama.

I can remove storm felled trees and unwanted bushes and shrubbery from your yard. I’m located in the Redland Road community of Wetumpka Alabama.

Sometimes it isn't necessary to hire a large tree company. If a tree has fell on your property due to a storm or old age and if it isn't resting on a building or a power me, I can cut it up and haul it away.

Also, if you have small trees or shrubbery on your property that you no longer want, I can remove them for you. I have a small excavator that I use to dig up bushes, shrubbery and small trees, and to clear up overgrown areas of the yard.

I can do the work for less than what it would cost you to rent and have delivered a similar type of machine and do the work yourself.

Call, text or Get In Touch with me through this website. Thank you!

  • Bushes, shrubbery and small tree removal.
  • Fallen tree cleanup and removal.
  • Trenches dug.
  • and other small work.


Kubota B2920 Sub-compact Tractor      Kubota U-17 Mini-excavator



Landscaping Service in Wetumpka Alabama

Wetumpka Alabama

Pritchett Contracting Services...

- Bush and Shrubbery Removal
- Small Tree Removal
- Fallen Tree Removal

Excavator Work
Small tractor Work

Remove fallen trees and unwanted bushes and shrubbery in Wetumpka Alabama.