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David Pritchett of Pritchett Contracting

I’m David Pritchett located in Wetumpka Alabama and I provide various excavator and landscaping work.

I remove fallen trees and unwanted bushes/shrubbery, I clean up overgrown sections of your yard or property, and I can dig electrical and water trenches.

I only work on trees that are already on the ground and the ground will need to be level or flat.

* I've cut down dozens and dozens of trees, and they always fell where I meant for them to fall, but that was for me on my property. I do not have a bucket truck or a lift and I don't climb trees to cut and lower branches and tree trunks to the ground. The only way I'd ever cut a tree down on someone else's property was if there was no possible way for it to hit anything.

I can dig up small trees if there's no chance of it hitting a building and causing harm.

I've owned Pritchett Contracting Services since 1995. I don't work at the same level or capacity as I once did, now I work alone offering to do the same type of work for others that I do for myself on my property. If the work you're needing done doesn't require your calling a large company then don' me instead.

I get a lot of spam calls, so the best way to get in touch with me is by either leaving a voice or text message telling me what you need to have done or through this website - Get In Touch. Thank you!

  • Bushes/shrubbery and small tree removal.
  • Fallen tree cleanup and removal.
  • Trenches dug.
  • and other small work.


Kubota B2920 Sub-compact Tractor      Kubota U-17 Mini-excavator



Landscaping Service in Wetumpka Alabama

Wetumpka Alabama

Pritchett Contracting Services...

- Bush and Shrubbery Removal
- Small Tree Removal
- Fallen Tree Removal

Remove fallen trees and unwanted bushes and shrubbery in Wetumpka Alabama.